Los Angeles, Ca
Hollywood Bowl
Strictadherent's Version

I recorded this off of WXRT Radio, Chicago (
broadcast on 2003-06-01 recorded the night before by Westwood One.

Source: FM Broadcast (WXRT Chicago)
JVC RX517V Receiver analog out > Sony Minidisc Recorder (MDS-JE530)
Optical digital output > SPDIF input (Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6 Sound Card)
Wav files split with CD WAV (freeware) WAV to SHN transfer with mkw Audio Compression Toolkit by strictadherent (

Disc 1
01 Politik
02 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
03 A Rush Of Blood To The Head
04 Daylight
05 intro to Trouble
06 Trouble
07 One I Love
08 Don't Panic
09 Moses
10 Everything's Not Lost
11 Poor Me
12 Yellow
13 The Scientist/What A Wonderful World

Disc 2 (Encore)
01 Clocks
02 In My Place
03 intro to Amsterdam
04 Amsterdam

Some talking was lost between In My Place and Amsterdam because I was swapping minidiscs
and I inadvertently interrupted the digital output signal. (Sorry)
I edited out all the talking and DJ intros which may result in some very abrupt fade in
and fade outs. If you are interested in receiving the missing tracks of a lame DJ talking
complete with sponsors and show credits, I can easily share them for you. (Just ask)
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