Manchester, England
Manchester Arena

Source: Sony MZN-707 > Soundforge > Wav > Shn

Recorded, encoded, released and seeded by jonathan_d
This show was recorded using the headphones supplied with the mini-disc, but sounds
surprisingly better than expected.(Probably because I was stood in the exact centre of
the arena, in front of the soundboard!)

***Please do NOT encode to MP3 format***

The total running time is 81:51
Show is broken up into 2 discs 12 & 3


Disc 1

01. Politik
02. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
03. Spies
04. Daylight
05. Scientist
06. One I Love
07. A Rush Of Blood To The Head
08. Dont Panic
09. Everythings Not Lost
10. Poor Me
11. Yellow
12. Trouble

Disc 2

13. Clocks
14. In My Place
15. Amsterdam
Dedicated to the "really sorry" guy who shouts "I should have recorded it" to his lady friend during amsterdam ;-) ***Please do NOT encode to MP3*** Notes: Rating is a 7 out of 7
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