Madrid, Spain
Sala la Riviera

Source: Aud


01. Intro
02. Politik
03. Shiver
04. Spies
05. Daylight
06. Trouble
07. One I Love
08. Don't Panic
09. Everything's Not Lost
10. Green Eyes
11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
12. Yellow
13. The Scientist
14. Clocks
15. In My Place
16. Life Is For Living

2nd Encore
17. Moses
Notes: Both discs came with errors(noise that seems to be added at the end of each
track, it also matched with the error time) fixed errors by deleting an extra part
was at the end of each track.
Edited some of the crowd noise at the end of disc 1(the Scientist)it went on for over 3
minutes, (edited it down to 15 seconds). Rating is a 5 out of 7
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