Perth, Australia

Taper: Drew.
Source: Audience> Sony MZR50 minidisc recorder with Sony stereo microphone>
monster cable> Line in soundcard> Goldwave> CD wave editor> mkwACT> SHN.

**************************Please Do NOT encode to MP3************************


01) Intro
02) Shiver
03) Animals
04) Don't Panic
05) Spies
06) Murder
07) Everything's not lost
08) We never change
09) God put a smile upon my face
10) Yellow
11) A rush of blood to the head
12) See you soon
13) Encore break/encore pre recorded message
14) Trouble
15) In my place
16) Lost highway
Notes: Disc change in encore break, so encore crowd noise cut. Original concert unedited
except for fades. Very small club venue, so crowd noise and occasional talking is
evident in quieter parts of the show. I have it on MD which I can send to anyone if they
are prepared to convert it digitally and send me a copy, let me know.
Show date was originally 2001-08-03, rescheduled for 2001-08-02
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