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First, The hubs address is It will soon be changeing to, If you try going to one and it doesnt work try the other.

Second, I havent written much of this yet, but please check the Hub Rules before you try to log in the hub. Because if you go there NOT sharing anything you will not be let in. There is a 12Mb minimum share due to all of the mldc users trying to get into the hub. (They are leetchers that cannot recieve pm's but they take up my bandwidth). Thats why they are not allowed.

Third, If your sharing Mp3's or any other files that are NOT allowed, you will be kicked, and possibly banned!

Fourth, If you do NOT have any files to share Click Here Include your username that you want, and pick a password. I will let you in the hub without a share. Wait till you recieve an email confirmation, from me.

I will be updating this page as soon as possible, any questions, click the above email link
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