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The following 2 lists are of available commands. The First, In the Coldplay Hub, and Second, In DC++, and oDC
Commands Unique Only To
CommandsWhat Commands Do
!helpJohhny Buckland Bot commands, in a pm or main chat
+helpChris Martin Bot Commands, in a pm, or main chat
+commandsShows this help
+rulesClick Here to see the rules page
+goodtradersShows a list of good traders(Mail)
+newsShows Hub News(New Seeds and other info)
+new seedsNew Coldplay Shows that have been added to the Hub
+myseedsColdplay and other artist shows that I have seeded
+bootsList of Coldplay
+allowedList of users +let in without a share, until they excede minimum share
+audList of all Coldplay Audience Sourced Shows
+fmList of all Coldplay Fm or Sbd Sourced SHows
+hubsharedList of Coldplay Shows Shared in the Hub
+coldplay2000List of Live Shows Coldplay played in 2000
+coldplay2001List of Live Shows Coldplay played in 2001
+coldplay2002List of Live Shows Coldplay played in 2002
+coldplay2003List of Live Shows Coldplay played in 2003
+otherhubsList of other hubs available,Click Here for
+ratingsList rating every Coldplay show shared in hub Aud 1-7 Great, Fm 1-10 GreatClick Here
+textfilesList of Coldplay Textfiles (NOT the SHOWS)available in the hub
+readShows a list of saved news known as Bulletin, type +add (to add), or +read (to read)
+year-month-dateIf you would like to see a textfile for the 2003-01-25 Coldplay show, type +2003-01-25 also type +textfiles or +coldplay(and the year2000-3) to see the entire list of textfiles
Commands Allowed By all DC++ or oDC Hubs
/grantgrants a slot to the user of the pm window you type in
/closeclose current window
/helpshort help message
/refreshRefreshes list of shared files
/awaySpecifies a message to auto-respond in PM's while you're AFK
/backTurn away message off
/clearClears the main chat windows
/slots <#>Changes number of slots to <#>
/tsSwitches timestamps in chat windows on and off
/showjoinsToggles joins/parts messages for the current hub
/searchSearches for
/dc++Gives a comment about DC++ and shows the URL where you can get it
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