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This Page is NOT Finished, and most of the links do NOT work.

(The Following Coldplay shows were checked with Anal Freq, to see if they are MP3's?

1999-03-01 London, England(Maida Vale,Evening Sessions)Fm anal freq
1999-08-29 Carversham, England(Reading Festival)Fm anal freq
1999-10-27 Liverpool, EnglandSound City Royal)Fm anal freq
2000-01-30 London, England(Astoria)Webcast anal freq
2000-05-08 London, England (Shepherd Bush, 5 Night Stand)Tv
2000-06-18 Manchester, England(Manchester University)Aud anal freq
2000-06-26 Hilversum, Netherlands(2 Meter Sessions)Tv anal freq
2000-06-26 Hilversum, Netherlands(2 Meter Sessions)Fm anal freq
2000-06-30 Birmingham, England(Ronnie Scott's)Aud anal freq
2000-07-05 Xfm Live Acoustic Session w/ Tim Lovejoy anal freq
2000-07-07 Belfort, France(Belfort Festival @Les Eurockeenees)Webcast anal freq
2000-07-10 London, England(HMV Instore Gig) anal freq
2000-07-11 Paris, France(La Scene)Aud anal freq
2000-07-14 Catania, Sicily(Sonica Festival)Webcast anal freq
2000-07-24 London, England(Maida Vale) anal freq
2000-08-18 Cologne, Germany(Bizarre Festival) anal freq
2000-08-28 Biddinghuizen, Holland(The Lowlands) anal freq
2000-10-23 London, England(Shepherds Bush Empire) anal freq
2000-10-25 London, England(Cardiff University) anal freq
2000-11-03 Ancienne(Belgique) anal freq
2000-11-04 Amsterdam, Holland(Melkweg, Border Crossing Festival)FM/Tv anal freq
2000-11-05 Amsterdam, Holland(Melkweg, Border Crossing Festival) anal freq
2000-11-07 Milan, Italy(Maggazine Generale) anal freq
2000-11-10 Paris, France(La Cigale) anal freq
2000-11-13bikini Toulouse Le Bikini anal freq
2000-11-15 Paris, France(MCM Cafe) anal freq
2000-12-03 Vega, Copenhagen anal freq
2000-12-05 Hamburg, Germany(Grosse Freiheit) anal freq
2000-12-06 Berlin, Germany(Columbiahalle) anal freq
2000-12-15 Santa Monica, Ca(KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic) anal freq
2001-01-24 Sydney, Australia(Metro Club) anal freq
2001-02-08 Vancouver B.C.(Orpheum Theater)Aud anal freq
2001-02-09 Seattle, Wa(Showbox Theater)Aud Steve Robinson anal freq
2001-02-12 San Fransisco, Ca(The Fillmore)Aud Alex Coluzzi anal freq
2001-02-14aud Los Angeles(Mayan Theater)Sbd anal freq
2001-02-14sbd Los Angeles(Mayan Theater)Aud anal freq
2001-02-16 New York, NY(Irving Plaza) anal freq
2001-04-09 New York, NY(Roseland Ballroom) anal freq
2001-04-26 Manchester, England(Apollo) anal freq
2001-04-30 London, England(Brixton Academy)Fm anal freq
2001-05-24 Boston, MA(The Avalon)Fm anal freq
2001-05-30 Atlanta, Ga(The Tabernacle)Aud anal freq
2001-06-01 Philadelphia, Pa(Indre Studios)Fm anal freq
2001-06-02 Philadelphia, Pa(Electric Factory)Tv anal freq
2001-06-08 Chicago, Il(Aragon Ballroom) anal freq
2001-06-11 Austin, Tx(The Backyard)Aud anal freq
2001-06-17 Vancouver B.C.(Orpheum Theater)Aud anal freq
2001-06-18 Seattle, Wa(Benaroya Hall)Sbd anal freq
2001-06-28 New York City, NY(Radio City Music Hall)Aud Joe R anal freq
2001-07-04 Kristiansand, Norway(Quart Festival)Fm anal freq
2001-07-08 Balado, England(T in the Park Festival) anal freq
2001-08-02 Perth, Australia(Metropolis)Aud alias anal freq
2001-08-07 Sydney, Australia(Enmore Theater) anal freq
2001-08-08 Sydney, Australia(Horden Pavillion)Fm anal freq
20001-08-19 Weston, England(Weston Park, V2001 Festival)Fm anal freq
2001-08-22 Reykjavik Iceland(Laugardalsholl Sports Hall)Sbd anal freq
2001-09-10 Paris, France(Europe 2 Radio Session)Fm anal freq
2001-11-28 Providence, RI(Veterand Memorial)Aud anal freq
2001-11-30 Chicago, Il(Chicago Theater)Aud anal freq
2001-12-04 New York City, NY(Irving Plaza) anal freq
2001-12-05 New York City, NY(Irving Plaza)Aud anal freq
2001-12-07 Seattle, Wa(Paramount Theater)Fm anal freq
2001-12-09 Los Angeles, Ca(KROQ Radio Xmas Special) anal freq
2001-12-10 Santa Monica, Ca(KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic) anal freq
2002-06-28edit Glastonbury, England(Glastonbury Festival)Fm anal freq
2002-06-28full Glastonbury, England(Glastonbury Festival)Full anal freq
2002-07-03 Odense, Denmark(Midtfyns Festival) anal freq
2002-07-07 Rome, Italy(Valle Giulia)Aud anal freq
2002-07-09 Hamburg, Germany(Grosse Freheit 36)Aud anal freq
2002-07-10 Cologne, Germany(Kultkomplex Cafe)Fm anal freq
2002-07-12 Oslo, Norway(Rockerfeller Music Hall) anal freq
2002-07-31 BBC Live Lounge(Jo Whiley Interview)Fm anal freq
2002-07-31 BBC Live Lounge(Jo Whiley Interview)Full anal freq
2002-08-02 Chicago, Il(Vic Theater)Mtv 2$bill show anal freq
2002-08-06aud Boston, Ma(Paradise Club)Aud anal freq
2002-08-06bcn Boston, Ma(WBCN Interview)Fm anal freq
2002-08-12aud New York City, NY(Bowery Ballroom) anal freq
2002-08-12krock New York City, NY(Kane show Gig)Fm anal freq
2002-08-14 Minneapolis, Minnesota(First Avenue)Aud anal freq
2002-08-16 Boulder, Co(KBCO Studio C)Fm anal freq
2002-08-18 San Fransisco, Ca(Bimbo's)Aud anal freq
2002-08-20 Santa Monica, Ca(KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic) anal freq
2002-08-27complete Paris, France(L'Olympia) anal freq
2002-08-27incomplete Paris, France(L'Olympia) anal freq
2002-08-29 London, England(Kentish Town Forum) anal freq
2002-09-04 Seattle, Wa(Paramount Theater) anal freq
2002-09-06 Berkeley, Ca(Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley) anal freq
2002-09-07 Las Vegas, Nv(The Joint) anal freq
2002-09-09 San Diego, Ca(San Diego State University) anal freq
2002-09-14 Atlanta, Ga(99X)Fm anal freq
2002-09-16 Baltimore, Md(Pier Six Concert Pavilion) anal freq
2002-09-19 Wahtung, NY(Jones Beach) anal freq
2002-09-21 Toronto, Canada(Sears Theater,ACC) anal freq
2002-09-22 Toronto, Canada(Much Music Intimate and Interactive) anal freq
2002-09-24 Chicago, Il(UIC Pavilion) anal freq
2002-10-04 Glasgow, Scottland(S.E.E.C.) anal freq
2002-10-11 Manchester, England(Manchester Evening News Arena) anal freq
2002-10-21 London, England(Wembley Arena) anal freq
2002-10-23 Belfast, Ireland(Oddessy Arena) anal freq
2002-10-25 Dublin, Ireland(Point Theater) anal freq
2002-10-29 London, England(London Astoria)Fairplay Concert anal freq
2002-11-03 Brussels, Belgium(Vorst Nationaal) anal freq
2002-11-05 Rotterdam, The Netherlands(Ahoy) anal freq
2002-11-10 Munich, Germany(Zenith) anal freq
2002-11-12 Montpellier, France(Le Zenith) anal freq
2002-11-15 Madrid, Spain(Sala la Riviera) anal freq
2002-11-18 Milan, Italy(Sonic Festival) anal freq
2002-11-20 Berlin, Germany(Columbiahalle) anal freq
2002-11-21 Copenhagen, Denmark(Valby Halen) anal freq
2002-11-23 Stockholm, Sweeden(Hovet) anal freq
2002-12-06 London, England(Jools Holland Show) anal freq
2002-12-09 San Fransisco, Ca(Bimbo's 365)Invitation Only anal freq
2002-12-11 Boston, Ma(Orpheum Theater) anal freq
2002-12-12 Uniondale, NY(Nassau Colliseum) anal freq
2003-01-22 Miami, Florida (Univ. Of Miami Convocation Center) anal freq
2003-01-25 Charlotte, NC(Grady Cole Center) 2003-01-26 Hollywood, Ca(Kodak Theater) anal freq
2003-01-28 Houston, Tx(Verizon Wireless Center) anal freq
2003-01-29 Austin, Tx(UT-Frank Erwin Center) anal freq
2003-01-31 Grand Prairie, Tx(Nextstage) anal freq
2003-02-01 Oklahoma City, Ok(Thelma E. Gaylord Civic Center Music Hall) anal freq
2003-02-03 St. Louis, Mo(Savvis Center) anal freq
2003-02-06 Denver, Co(Fillmore Auditorium) anal freq
2003-02-07 Salt Lake City, Utah(Saltair Resort) anal freq
2003-02-08 Scottsdale, Az(Martini Ranch Nightclub) anal freq
2003-02-13 Los Angeles, Ca(98.7 Star Lounge) anal freq
2003-02-23 New York City, NY(45th Grammy Awards) anal freq
2003-02-25 Montreal, Canada(Bell Arena) anal freq
2003-02-27 Wallingford, Ct(Oakdale Theater) anal freq
2003-03-02 Pittsburg, Pa(A.J. Palumbo Center)Aud anal freq
2003-03-02 Pittsburg, Pa(A.J. Palumbo Center)Aud anal freq
2003-03-03 Detroit, Mi(State Bar) anal freq
2003-03-04 Indianapolis, In(Murant Theater) anal freq
2003-03-06 Atlanta, Ga(Gwinett Civic Center) anal freq
2003-03-07 Nashville, Tn(Ryman Auditorium) anal freq
2003-03-09 Columbus, Oh(Promo West Arena) anal freq
2003-03-10 Louisville, KY(Louisville Palace) anal freq
2003-03-12 Milwaukee, Wi(Eagles Ballroom) anal freq
2003-03-13 Minneapolis, Mn(Target Center) anal freq
2003-03-31 Frankfurt, Germany(Jahrhunderthalle) anal freq
2003-04-03 Düsseldorf, Germany(Phillipshalle) anal freq
2003-04-05 Boeblingen (Sports Hall) anal freq
2003-04-06 Zurich, Switzerland(Hallenstadion) anal freq
2003-04-14 Manchester, England(Manchester Evening News Arena) anal freq
2003-04-17 London, England(Earls Court) anal freq
2003-05-31a Los Angeles, Ca(Hollywood Bowl)Stirctadherent version anal freq
2003-05-31b Los Angeles, Ca(Hollywood Bowl)Skimoney22 version anal freq
2003-06-03 San Diego, Ca(San Diego Arena) anal freq
2003-06-09 Chicago, Il(UIC Pavillion) anal freq
2003-06-11 Toronto, Canada(Molson Ampitheater) anal freq
2003-06-12 New York, NY(China Club) anal freq
2003-06-13 New York, NY(Madison Square Garden) anal freq
2003-07-01 The Netherlands(Goffertpark, Nijmegen)Fm anal freq
2003-07-03 Kristiansand, Norway(Quart Festival) anal freq
2003-07-12triplej Australia(Triple J Radio Show)Fm anal freq

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